In the traditional ethnic style of Berber jewelry //

Berber jewelry

African amber //

Ambra, the so-called “African amber” is a collective term for antique, worn jewelry beads with patina that visually resemble amber.

Ambergris is not a scientific term. The beads can be made of various natural and artificial materials such as amber (tree resin, approx. 50 million years old), copal or copal (“young amber”, tree resin, approx. 250 to 30,000 years old), tree resin or synthetic resin.

Berber women passed on their traditional jewelry from generation to generation. When worn over a long period of time, the amber beads acquire their characteristic darker color, the patina.

Jewelry designer Barbara Schulik transforms traditional beads from all over the world and their stories into handmade unique pieces.

Traditional Berber jewelry
Traditional Berber jewelry

Opulent handcrafted unique necklaces with large striking black ebony elements from Africa and rare honey-colored amber beads from Berbe @ambra.schmuck

You can find these and other pieces of jewelry from ambra jewelry online at or in our ambra jewelry ATELIER in Opladen.

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