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Jewelery for personalities who appreciate traditional materials and craftsmanship and love the individual.

For 35 years, jewelry designer Barbara Schulik has been visiting traditional craftsmanships for art and jewelry in Asia, Africa and South America. Always looking for inspiration and special unique pieces for her necklaces.

Her art workshop contains glass and stone beads, semi-precious stones, shells and silver pieces that are hard to find anymore. Each of them has its own story and is a testament to cultural artistry from all over the world. Barbara combines these wonderful stories in her necklaces as handmade, unique pieces.

Now in its second generation, the family business not only stands for the individual value of handcrafted necklaces, silver jewelry, costume jewelry, handicrafts and fine fabrics, but also for a very personal approach to its customers and producing artists all over the world.


  • All ambra jewelry is handmade
  • Made in Germany
  • No processing of industrially manufactured elements
  • Robust nylon-coated stainless steel thread
  • Solid silver clasp with S-hook
  • Ear hooks made of 925 sterling silver
  • Size individually adjustable
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • simply beautiful
Iga Werner & Barbara Schulik I ambra-schmuck.de
Iga Werner & Barbara Schulik | ambra Schmuck

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